Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cashmere sunrise, parents arrive

If yesterday’s sunrise was molten gold today’s was soft gray cashmere. Fog draped the landscape in constantly changing hues of pastel colors, and with all the certainty I had that yesterday’s was the most beautiful I now cannot make up my mind which I liked better.

Our morning was to be taken up with our first real venture a field since we arrived in Lacoste—to the Marseille airport to pick up my parents! Luckily Alan and I used up all the delays and bad flight luck so their flights went smoothly (except for when they flew over the hurricane!). We picked them up and hurried home, making it back just in time for Alan to meet up with the class vans heading to Avignon for the afternoon. They walked all over town, and he says he now knows where to take the rest of us when we go there. He even saved going inside the Palais des Papes for when we all go back together : )

Outside of the Palais de Papes
Breakdancers, and a statue of a breakdancing elephant??
I spent the afternoon with my sleepy but determined to switch time parents, getting them settled into the house, walking around the village, and putting my mother’s French to good use at the tourist information shop. We tried to wait for Alan to eat our lemon and ricotta ravioli for dinner (and they we excellent, very light and fresh) but he didn’t get back till after 7pm. We discussed buying a microwave while trying to decide how to reheat his now cold ravioli! My parents finally went to bed, with plans for tomorrow formed but not solidified until a good nights rest had been achieved.

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