Sunday, September 19, 2010

Market day

I really want a basket.

A beautiful, market-going basket, with the handy double straps (one for your shoulder, one for you hands) and a nice flat bottom for setting down while picking up more lovely things to go in it.

But I made do this morning with a handy little nylon bag that zips into a pouch, a gift given to me before my last extended stay in Europe when I lived in Spain for the summer back in 1999. It has held up admirably, and will do till I convince Alan that I must have a basket. The fact that all the locals have one is not enough of an argument for him.

Alan’s market project took us to L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, a town just a little farther west than our departure point for yesterday’s hike (and a little down river!). We didn’t go anywhere in town but the market, but that in its self covered a good part of the downtown area! We kept walking down street after street, with both sides lined with vendors wherever possible. The market officially started at 9am, as most all the markets do, and we arrived very shortly thereafter. Later on the crowds became so thick you could hardly walk, with locals and tourists stopping to shop and talk and enjoy the morning sunshine.
Stripes, anyone?
I really wanted to buy some doorknobs.
I haven't gotten brave enough to buy cheese at the market.
Not that I will buy any, but the meat all has
funny outsides - like the cheese!
I wonder if they'd sell me the spoon too?
I have been to many markets before in my travels, but always as a tourist only able to eye things hungrily and never able to buy. Toting a bag full of fresh veggies off to museums and ruins just doesn’t work. But this time I have a kitchen and a fridge and the freedom to point and smile and hope I hand the veggie lady the right sort of change.
Not sure what some of these are? Besides the prunes.
Licorice sticks - like, the actual stick!
What does one do with them?
I bought an assortment of veggies as we got near to leaving – most of the morning was spent walking slowly and picking out all the souvenirs I would buy for everyone if I had lots of money while waiting for Alan to catch up to me from whatever photo he had been taking. My favorite purchase was at a little stall with a lady (who actually spoke a little English, which was a first) selling fresh pasta. Oh it looked so good! So we bought enough tagliatelle for the two of us, and some lemon ricotta ravioli for when my parents arrive. When we left she said “See you again soon!” and I hope she’s right.
I now only want fresh pasta - it was so much better!
We did have to go to the less exciting but no less crowded SuperU for some non-market items on our way home (Thanks, Jody, for telling me that I get the euro back when I return the cart!). We had to do a little bigger shopping trip this time, and carrying all the food up the hill to the house in Lacoste nearly did me in – I was starving and oof the bags were heavy! But a thick slice of artisan bread revived me enough to make lunch and spend the afternoon doing laundry.


  1. Oh no Bread pictures!! Very nice what you do have though!!!

  2. Be careful what you ask for, Kris ;)