Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mom breaks a tooth, we find a borie, and Alan visits the pizza van

French bread is wonderful, chewy stuff… apparently too chewy for one of Mom’s teeth! Bits of the tooth fell off, but the filling stayed intact and luckily it doesn’t hurt. Dad took some photos (I’ll spare you) and sent them off to Mom’s dentist to get an opinion (but we haven’t heard back). Alan got the name of a local dentist from SCAD, but Mom is hoping that if she just keeps chewing on the other side of her mouth maybe it will make it till she goes home. We’ll see!

We set out on a walk after deciding Mom didn’t need to be rushed off anywhere. A borie ruins marked with a pink star on our trail map just a few kilometers out of town had caught our eye. After almost reaching our destination without getting lost, the trail did a funny jig and we were left not sure where to look for our borie. Venturing down the path we thought might be right proved fruitful, revealing a group of larger bories off in the woods, each about twice the size of the ones Alan and I had seen on our walk out of Bonnieux. We scrambled in around the overgrown ruins before heading on the loop trail we’d figured out. The trail lead to a high point with nice views of Rousillon and Goult across the valley before returning us to Lacoste.

Old deux chevaux (it's name means two horses)
Old tractor in the woods along the trail
There are lots of varieties of butterflies here
Mom looking in on of the borie
See how much longer these ones are?
Rousillon across the valley
Goult, which we haven't been to but is close by.
Work was waiting for me when I got back, so Mom and Dad entertained themselves with quilting, sudoku, and a walk around the town in the afternoon. After supper, Dad went for another wander around town and came back to report that the pizza van was down in the square in front of the church. Apparently most of the village had turned out (the van comes just once a week on Wednesday) for some pizza, and it was a party-like atmosphere. No sooner had he finished telling us this then in walked Alan with a pizza! He was done with his lecture (which went well, he said) and the food at the café was unidentifiable so he (and a lot of other students) went to the pizza van. The box amused us (it pictured not pizza, but what looked like a steak, dinner rolls, salad, maybe a baked potato, and a glass of wine), but the pizza was good. The van has ovens built into it, and so they make the pizza with whatever toppings you want while you wait. Maybe they are on to something… sure beats getting a cold delivered pizza! Alan thought he would have leftovers till he realized the crust was cracker-thin. He ate it all up in no time, although Mom did get a piece and I grabbed a bite. Yum!

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