Saturday, September 4, 2010

Orlando, Octopus, and Oh-so-amazing Doughnuts

Kira wants to be in the front,
or at least as close as she can!
We are officially on the road! Our first stop is the wonderful home of Elizabeth and Caleb, and they are going to take care of the Kira-schmoo for us while we are away. She loves their backyard full of lizards and bugs, but we haven't yet convinced her that the pool is as awesome as we think it is.

After we arrived, I convinced everyone to make doughnuts! After a quick trip to the store, doughnut making began—and let me tell you, perfection was achieved : ) Man oh man were they good! I know you are jealous, and I'll be posting the recipe to my cooking blog ( sometime soon so you can make them yourself.

These were oh-so awesome.

Today we went to Cocoa Beach, which was very fun—hot, but the water was cool and the breeze was great. While boogie boarding was fun for some, the highlight of the trip was our amazing sand sculpture of an octopus, or giant sea monster,  that we built to guard our canopy while we were out in the water. Kids kept coming over to see what it was, and one family even came and asked if they could take their photo with it. So cool!

Well, we have artisan-bread pizza about to be made, so I should probably go help. I've worked up an appetite!

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