Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our life in bags

Everything we will have

for the next 3 months

is in this photo!
Whew, packing is tough! What with two tripods (just the head of one weighs over 4 lbs - and is in my carry-on at the moment...), rolls of Alan's prints for class, and clothes for two seasons, we had a lot to fit into our suitcases! Well, space isn't really the issue as much as weight. We are allowed one 50 lb bag each as checked luggage—with lots of swapping, removing, and if-you-are-not-now-lighter-than-50-lbs-I-am-going-to-let-Kira-chew-on-you threats I now have two suitcases at 48 lb. each. Alan and I are each going to have 2 carry-ons, with at least the upside that if (please no!) they lose our luggage we will have extra clothes with us. Oh, and a tripod head. Lol.

Still no sign of the maps we ordered, so I have printed out a ton of directions. It makes me nervous to think of driving across a country with no map, so hopeful thoughts are being sent to the mail service, to be followed by angry thoughts if the maps don't arrive tomorrow.


  1. Rachel, I can completely relate. In all my times of moving, I have seen my life in boxes!! It is kind of weird, isn't it? I hope you have a marvelous time! I will look forward to keeping up with you via the blog and FB. Bon Voyage!

  2. Wow, you made it all, That's the amount of suitcases that I'm packing for my California trip.. :)) well, not quite, but none the less, I hope you guys have a safe trip to Provence. Bon Voyage!!!