Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another market, but not just another church!

Since Alan hadn’t been to Gordes, we decided to hit up their market and explore the town. It was more of a goods market than a food market, but he got the last few photos he needed to finish out his market project (the class ends next Wednesday! Can the quarter really almost be over?). The rest of us did a little more shopping for needs as well as wants, enjoying just wandering and looking around.

On the way home we stopped by St-Pantaléon, whose church dates back to the 5th century (just the nave – the rest dates to the 12th like almost all the churches in the area). After tracking down the key to the church from a local, we were able to get inside the to see the stained glass window, which were very pretty. The church is built on a rock, and carved into the rock are tombs, most of which are child-sized. According to legend, people would bring babies that had died before baptism here to be resurrected for the length of Mass and baptism, after which they would die again and be buried. Kinda crazy!

Tombs in the rock

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