Saturday, October 9, 2010

Short goodbye to Mom and Dad, Alan returns

Mom and Dad got up and left for Mount Ventoux (which I really want to go to as well, so maybe Alan and I will go after they leave), planning to stay for a few days in Vaison-la-Romain. This left me all by myself till Alan arrived home late in the evening.

I spent the morning knitting and reading, and in the afternoon I walked over to Bonnieux to sit in the church there for a while, as I hadn’t actually been inside it. It was very nice – I like the look of the bare stone with a few stained glass windows. It was also nice and cool after the uphill climb into town.

I walked home again, and after supper I was so tired! But I wanted to stay awake till Alan came home. So I read a book to keep awake, but by the time 11:30pm arrived and I heard the rumble of suitcases on the cobblestone street I knew that I had come down with a cold. Not much of a way to greet my honey! But when he came in, it was clear that he had a cold too : ( Still, it was wonderful to have him home again, safe and sound.

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