Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ladureé macaroons and trip planning

Alan spent the morning busy printing his Paris photos in preparation for next week’s critique. In the afternoon I finally got on the computer to answer emails and work a little, which was good as tomorrow we planned to leave for a long weekend of traveling to the east.

In all our sniffles, I’ve forgotten to tell you what Alan brought me from Paris: macaroons from Ladureé, the famous Parisian bakery. Even with a cold they were delicious. We had vanilla, chocolate, fig & date, red berries, pistachio, rose (which was really good!) and raspberry. Even the box was neat; I’m going to save it, who knows what for!

Alan’s afternoon class went to Oppede la Vieux, which Mom, Dad and I had gone to earlier. Mom and Dad arrived as Alan was leaving, and after supper we all huddled up to work on planning the next few days. Alan had a class trip up to Sisteron, and as there were other things we wanted to see up in that area he planned to skip his Thursday class (which was just a work day, not trip or lecture) so that we could spend a few days traveling around. Alan and I packed our things, while Mom and Dad simply didn’t unpack. When we returned, the larger house would be ours again, which was nice to look forward to as well. We had assured our landlords that we were fitting all four of us in the studio just fine; but really having the shower in the kitchen is not the best arrangement : )

I love this door!

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  1. Mm.... I LOVE macaroons!! I didn't discover the real French ones until Portland--now I have to go back to Paris and get REAL French ones! mm....