Friday, October 22, 2010

Saignon again and Aix-en-Provence

Since Alan had marked Saignon of his list, Mom, Dad, and I decided to go back this morning. Alan and mentioned a funny dog in the town that was chained but had a lawn chair to sit it—with a sign attached to the chair “5 euro for a photo.” We passed two dogs playing on our way through town at first, and when we came back one of them was still there, chained to a door, rolling around on its back and chewing a day (or two) old baguette. I thought it was funny, and took a photo, after which an old French man walked out of the door carrying a beat-up reclining lawn chair to which the dog immediately retired. I was almost tempted to take a photo, but I didn’t. I wonder how many people have paid the man 5 euro?

Their church was an interesting shape
Every town has a "laundry" where people used to,
well, do laundry. It's interesting to see all
the different styles.
Mom looking down from the top of the rock at Apt.
Silly pupster
Alan spent the day in Aix-en-Provence. It was mostly just another case of the school dropping kids off in a square and saying, “Ok, now wander around for six hours.” So that’s exactly what he did. Along the way, he did find many of the fountains that the city is famous for, including the Fountaine des Quatre-Dauphins. The main drag is called the Cours Mirabeau on which you’ll find upscale shopping and cafes including the famous Café des Deux Garcons, which used to be a famous meeting place for artist and writers (Cezanne and Hemingway) and apparently the French mafia. Aix seems to be a pretty wealthy city—on one ten-minute walk up the Cours Mirabeau he saw a McClaren, Maserati, and Ferrari. He did manage to pick up some shots for his travel class and had a tasty Indian lunch. Last on the agenda was a (rather disappointing) Magnum photo show, which was across the street from a public library with a very interesting entrance. On the same side of town (which was definitely the new growth area) there were many great examples of contemporary architecture—the top of one theater offered views of Montagne Sainte-Victoire, depicted about 60 times by Cezanne.

Walked through this protest - nothing much was happening.
There were almost more cops than protesters.

There were a lot of broken windows like this,
maybe due to the recent protests?
Shea, another SCAD student, in front of the Dolphin Fountain.
Entrance to the library
Montagne Sainte-Victoire
Café des Deux Garcons

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