Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The fight of the ninja dust-bunnies

I officially strongly dislike framing. Well, I supposed I should amend that to say “dirty glass and dust in a frame which means that it takes you a million tries to get it to look good.” I spent yesterday cleaning all the glass and frames for Alan (we mentioned the “frame lottery” before, and the frames have just been sitting in a cave since their last use – yuck) after he broke a piece of glass. Then today, part way through our pile of 14 frames, I broke a piece of glass from one of the new frames. I swear I was just picking it up... sigh. Thank goodness we were not the only ones with glass issues and SCAD was doing another glass run to Mr. Bricolage! While it was nice to have the house to spread out in, it is so dusty in here that it took forever to get the glass clean, as the moment you turned away more dust would settle! But finally everything was finished, and I have to say it looks really good! I hope everything sells… or at least a few of them. They say that every time they have this final show it is really hit or miss how much sells, so we don’t have any expectations. If we were at home there are a couple I would secretly hope don’t sell because I want to hang them up in our apartment! But unfortunately our luggage is not going to accommodate framed artwork.

The students were supposed to start hanging the undergraduate work at 4:30pm, but for some reason it got pushed back till tomorrow. So Alan and Michelle, the other grad student, went ahead and hung their work after dinner. They have a little gallery all to themselves called the Blue Gallery (it has a lovely blue door, and shutters). Alan’s work takes up the two smaller walls and Michelle has the third longer wall. I think I like Alan’s photos even more hanging up! Art is funny like that – presentation can change how much I like or don’t like it quite a bit. I hope some of the people who come like it as much as I do :)

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