Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Roussillon, twice as nice

Alan is getting very busy preparing for the end of the quarter and Vernissage, the final show put on by the all the students showing (and selling) some of their work from the quarter. But he was free in the afternoon, and so we proved we’re starting to run out of places to go by returning to Roussillon.

You can't help taking door photos around here;
this is one of Alan's favorites.

Said to be one of the prettiest squares in Provence
Doors at home are going to feel so boring!
There were less tourists there than last time, and while we still admired all the little containers of ochre we refrained again from buying any. Our goal, besides seeing the town without all the haze of tourists, was to go on a walk we’d picked out on the map. Alan had to be back to class by 4:30pm, so we only had about two hours of walking time after we had finished looking around the town. The route wound through woods and fields, with some nice views looking back at the town. One part was lined with what we think were pear trees – the ground was covered with fruit, but while they looked like pears they were no larger than a plum.

There are lots of very nice houses in unexpected places;
I love this one's drive.

We reached the half-way point having used up about half our time; however, going back was going to be uphill whereas the first half had been all down hill. So Alan and I set off with the car keys and plans to get the car and pick my parents up along the road. We made good time, minus some skirting of very large puddles in the trail, and finished our 7 km in plenty of time to pick up Mom and Dad and get Alan back to Lacoste in time for class.

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