Friday, November 19, 2010

Jiggety Jog

Everything went smoothly this morning. We were up early (thanks to jetlag) and used our food voucher for breakfast at the hotel. The lines at the airport were long due to the fact that you go through U.S. Customs here before getting on your flight. But we had plenty of time as the agent last night told us to show up early. Our bags took forever (again!) in Orlando, but wonderful Elizabeth was there to pick us up. We headed to Taco Bell for some lunch before heading home to see Kira!

Thankfully Elizabeth had the idea to go inside by herself first and put Kira out back – when Alan and I went in she barked at us first, but when she figured out who it was she got all excited and peed everywhere. Either that or she thought we were ghosts… Lol. I wish I knew what went through her mind! She did seem happy to see us; we decided to stay in Orlando for today and tomorrow and make the final trip home to Savannah on Sunday. Everything felt so normal and yet wrong all at once. I guess being home will take some getting used to!

Things we will miss about living in Lacoste:
1.    Hiking
2.    Hiking
3.    Hiking!
4.    The inconsistent Lacoste bell that never seemed to ring exactly on the hour
5.    Fresh food from the market
6.    Fresh bread
7.    The views around every corner
8.    Curvy little roads
9.    Roundabouts
10.    The metric system
11.    Small, efficient diesel cars
12.    Seeing all the fit athletic outdoorsy people (especially the older ones!)
13.    Saying “Bonjour”
14.    European fashion
15.    Colorful little birds
16.    Agriculture everywhere
17.    Nougat
18.    Muscaté grape juice

Things we will not miss:
1.    The hike up the hill to the house
2.    Everything being closed for two hours over lunch
3.    European parking lots
4.    Mistral wind
5.    Lack of wildlife

Things we are glad to get back to:
1.    Kira!
2.    Clothes dryer
3.    Consistent Internet
4.    English speakers
5.    Some more variety in our clothes
6.    An oven I am not afraid of! (or, our own kitchen)
7.    Taco Bell
8.    Pandora Radio

Things we are not glad to get back to:
1.    Pickups and SUVs
2.    Bad drivers
3.    Traffic lights
4.    Billboards and bombardment by advertisements

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