Saturday, November 13, 2010

A walk and a farewell dinner

The Forest of the Cedars, which we went to once before, seemed like a good starting point for today’s walk. We were surprised by the number of cars in the little lot at the top; it was more tourists, or locals, than we has seen in a while! After passing a group of hikers and three serious looking runners (they had to be like training for cross country or something) the people quickly gave way to the secluded trails we have become accustom to around here. We chose a path that lead over the other side of the Luberon, down into a valley, and then back up through the valley bottom. The weather was beautiful, the path was nice, and all was going well till we came to a ten-foot high rock wall which the path definitely said to go up. Lets just say it was a good thing we hadn’t picked this particular trail when Mom and Dad were here! The rock did have toeholds and some handholds, but it was wet and slippery with the extremely heavy dew that seems to happen so often. I went up first, with Alan holding on to me in case I should slip, but I made it too the top with muddy jeans and hands being the only casualties of the climb. Alan made it up just fine as well, and we contemplated circling the spot on our map just in case we should ever come back someday and walk the same trail… but then again I don’t think we are going to forget that rock!

Tonight, the Café de Sade was hosting the SCAD farewell dinner; with Vernissage being over, the quarter here in Lacoste is finished as well. Guests were invited, so I joined in with the few other parents who had come to see the show. I happened to be talking with Shea right next to the buffet table when the first course came out; she is non-dairy vegetarian and knew that the quiche didn’t have any meat, so we grabbed our slices and some bread and headed for a table inside. What we didn’t know was that that was the only vegetarian dish of the night, except for some au gratin potatoes, which she couldn’t eat and I wasn’t sure were worth eating. The tart de pomme (apple tart) for dessert did not fill us up, but while the food was a disappointment it was fun to get to know more of Alan’s classmates. Hopefully we will be able to stay in touch, at least with the ones in Savannah.

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