Sunday, November 14, 2010

Photos come down and the clouds come up

We spent the morning taking down the show, saddened to be taking nice prints out of nice frames but there was really nothing else to do. The mistral wind was blowing, but we got the photos back to the house, where we sorted through the ones we wanted to keep and the ones to throw away. Alan had talked to some other students about doing some trading, so he bartered two of the small matted photos for a few pieces from two of the printmaking majors. I’m excited to get home and find them some wall space : )

The clouds were rolling in, and the wind was blowing really hard, but in the afternoon we decided to take one last walk though the valley anyway. Alan never did walk to Bonnieux, so we took that path almost to the town, and then branched off to the south to walk some roads neither of us had been on yet. It seems no matter how much I walk there is always somewhere new to go around here! But the wind was tiring, and we were glad to get home.

Odd vine holders

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