Thursday, November 18, 2010

A journey of a thousand miles...

Step 1 to reach home: Check out of hotel.

Step 2: Wait for car lease guy for 15 minutes in the 2 minute waiting area at the terminal. Sign paperwork, and return car.

Step 3: Check in at Lufthansa, get told that you can’t carry on anything more than 8 kg, so our littlest roller bag has to be checked (thank goodness they didn’t actually weigh our other ones like Alan’s camera bag!). After groaning about paying $55 euros for an extra bag, we are informed that Luftansa give you two for free! I swear I read on their site yesterday that you only got one, but we didn’t argue.

Step 4: Fly to Frankfurt, passing over Marseille and Provence on the way. Clouds were covering where we thought Lacoste and our valley would be, but we had a very nice view of the area!
Marseille, Cassis, and the Calanques
Step 5: Fly to Toronto, Canada, and enjoy their very nice in flight entertainment system.

Step 6: Land a little late in Toronto and rush to customs to pick up or luggage to go though U.S. Customs.

Step 7: Tell Air Canada lady we only have 45 minutes to get our flight, can they check on our bags?

Step 8: Start watching the clock with the 4 other people waiting to go to the U.S., all of us with short connections, but ours in the shortest.

Step 9: Hobnob with the customs guy who says he could whiz us through if we didn’t have any checked luggage.

Step 10: Luggage comes 15 minutes before our flight leaves and the attendant tells us we can’t go though. She books us on the 10:15 am flight in the morning, gives us hotel vouchers, and we head back to go through Canadian customs.

Step 11: I spend my first night in Canada! We contemplate that we should have asked if we could spend a whole day here, but really we aren’t prepared and it’s probably time to go home.

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